Building Businesses

Building Businesses

Human Endeavours: Building Businesses

We really think things through to figure out what is going on, what you need, and how we will get it accomplished. We aren’t social. We don’t post. We don’t hang out. Our first and only love is work. The application of self. Over the years we’ve met with CEOs from numerous industries from Fortune 1 to Silicon Valley billionaires, with royal family members to celebrities from acting to music to literary, with investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, think tanks, charities, incubators, venture capitalists and various private equity funds, to ambassadors, prime ministers, and supreme court justices.

Service categories:

Business Growth

Corporate Advisory

Investment Banking

Debt and Equity Finance

Structuring and Special Projects

Initial consultation is no obligation. We are not transactional and don’t do proposals. We discuss with you what is your primary challenge or opportunity. The endeavour needs to have free cashflow or operating expense to allocate. We don’t do brokering, crypto, legal representation, partnering or success fee agreements. We know many fine firms for those. We specialize in figuring out what you need to do and how to do it.